Brandon White

Digital Marketing Consultant

Not Sure if Your Google Ads Are Optimized?

You May Need an Audit

Even if you have complete trust in your advertising manager or ad agency, there’s almost always room to improve your campaign’s effectiveness and ROI. Often, it takes a third-party to expose wasted dollars and missed opportunities hiding in campaigns. An occasional audit provides peace of mind, and is a critical part of running Google Ads.

Audits Are Ideal For:

  • Marketing Managers who need a better understanding of their ad spend.
  • C-Level Executives looking for peace of mind.
  • Advertisers who run their own campaigns with limited experience.
  • Business Owners entrusting employees or agencies with ad budgets.
  • Agencies who want to improve campaign performance.

Get an expert (Google Certified) audit. Call 316-519-9432

Audits Include:

  • Strategy Review
  • Identifying Waste
  • Confirming Audience Targeting
  • Confirming Budget Efficiency
  • Examining Market Share
  • Auditing Keywords
  • Reviewing Ad Content
  • Reviewing Landing Pages
  • Written Report and Live Review

If your organization is running Google Ads, you owe it to yourself to allow a fresh set of eyes to critically review your campaigns.

This is a hands-on evaluation, not a software controlled audit. Report includes actionable insights. Call to learn more – 316-519-9432

I have more than 10 years experience with Google Ads and more than 15 years experience in digital marketing. I have co-owned a digital agency, I’ve managed marketing teams inside of ad agencies, and I’ve worked as an in-house marketing director. This diversity has allowed me to combine creative strategy and analytical skills into a philosophy where ROI and meeting business objectives are in sharp focus. If you have questions about the importance of advertising audits, let’s chat!

Standard Audits – $495.00
(Total spend less than $10K/mo. Inquire for larger campaigns or hourly consulting.)

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Google Ads Management Tips

Don’t Neglect Your Landing Page
For searchers to convert and become customers, they have to find the information they are looking for on your landing page. Your ad content should be an enticing hint about what users will see after they click your ad. If you’re running specific ads to sell products and services, you’re probably going to need several landing pages. You’ll almost never want to link ads directly to your home page.

Handle Keywords With Care
True story… I once found five figures of waste on a Google Ads account within five minutes of starting an audit. This is an extreme situation, but the root of the problem is very common. Lots of Broad Match Keywords and few Negative Keywords are a recipe for waste. This particular company rented a very expensive industrial machine. Because of their Keyword structure their ads were being shown for things like “margarita machine rental” and “carpet cleaning machine rentals”. Those bad clicks wasted thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Which brings me to the next point…

Constantly Monitor Campaigns 
In the keyword example above, simply checking the “Search Terms” section in Google Ads would have shown which phrases people used to trigger ads, and which keywords were matched to those phrases. You can go to great depths to optimize keywords, bids, ads, and much more in Google Ads. It’s important to constantly monitor campaigns to find waste and improve the quality of the clicks you’re buying. The best campaigns don’t just generate sales and leads, they also have the have the most efficient spend and best optimization. Getting the most leads for the least money is how you really win.

Implementing conversion tracking on phone numbers, lead forms and shopping carts is a must. Connecting Google Ads to Google Analytics is also a must. Setting up audience lists is also a must. Proper tracking is the only way to know how people are interacting with yours ads and landing pages. The goal is to ensure you’re attracting the right clicks, and then use the data to continually improve your campaigns.

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